PR-Services: Social Media

Social media channels – appealing means of communication

Social media is a term that covers countless sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. In the B2B market, only those mentioned are truly relevant in most cases. We are happy to pinpoint which ones those are for your company.

The opportunities provided by communication activities on social media in the B2B segment are still often underestimated. Social media channels are seen as an appealing means of communication. They enable companies to personally address their target groups and generate sustainable reach with social media marketing. Doing so harbours opportunities, but it also entails risk, which raises the question: Are you ready for social media? One of the basic requirements for taking on social media is having adequate content suited to communication on such sites. However, social media remains just one of many PR tools.

It goes without saying that key PR questions (“what news, shared when, where and with what wording”) also need to be observed when dealing with social media. Not every channel will be the right fit for every news item.

Lacking the time to grapple with these concerns? Contact us. Depending on our clients’ content and request, we will manage your social media communication channels based on an editorial plan, for example, or by posting or tweeting either directly or after coordination and approval of messaging.

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