Public Relations Consulting

We provide background knowledge. Each consulting project and each performance are individually tailored to your company and business.


  • Press and media work: Basics or knowledge update: the contact with journalists, press releases, technical articles, application reports, creating and offering interviews … what should you consider today, what do you need to know, what should be avoided
  • Media planning: Examination and valuation of mediakits, comparision of journals and internet portals, cross-media combinations, effect of advertisements by means of copy test examples and similar more.
    (basic package with different emphases depending on the requirements; can be combined with press and media work)
  • Social media check-up: Analysis of your effected postings, competitor analysis, help with problems and questions
  • Social media workshop: Support with your social media strategy, introduction to the different social media channels and their specific features, writing of exemplary postings; upon request, backing during the first months and support in generating followers
  • Content marketing strategy: For the media work, in order to strengthen SEO or to target customers: finding, organizing and preparing of contents (as presentation or consulting project)
  • Whitepaper: support in selecting topics, tips on writing and campaign consulting
  • Do you have a special enquiry? No problem, please contact us.


We clarify beforehand your individual questions and define which persons with which presumed background knowledge will participate in the event. We should like to emphasise once again that our presentations are practice-oriented and tailored. Our philosophy of customized PR does also apply here. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have during our meetings at your site. We will glady explain every little detail.