Philosophy: Substance over hype

In keeping with the principle of “substance over hype”, we see ourselves as a small, but excellent PR agency that cares about long-term partnerships based on trust. Our clients include companies that we have been serving for more than 10 and even 15 years. In the world of PR agencies, that is an impressively long time. How do we do it? By focusing on the following philosophy:

  • At our agency, every client is king. We do not differentiate between A-, B- or C-list clients
  • Direct, personal contacts
  • Rapid responses to enquiries
  • Openness, transparency and constructive feedback
  • Realistic and sometimes critical assessments of your goals and requirements
  • Complete cost transparency
  • Objectively measurable results
  • Exclusivity: we do not serve competing companies at the same time

More than ever, we firmly believe that companies will only succeed in attracting attention by crafting impactful messages and communicating them in a compelling, credible and consistent manner. Communication creates customer loyalty.