Webinars – giving a face to communications

Webinars offered by national or international media outlets automatically entail distribution to their subscribers or readers. The opportunity to get to know previously unknown prospective customers and generate new leads therefore increases, which is also due to the fact that you are literally giving a face to your communication activities. Webinars can serve a wide range of interests. Training sales staff and introducing a product or solution are just two examples. Companies also host webinars without assistance from publishing media.

Holding viewers’ attention during webinars

Webinars constitute one form of PR − even if they are designed as an in-house training module. A webinar should hold viewers’ attention and ideally captivate them. To ensure this happens, we focus our attention on the way viewers are addressed and how information is presented, not on the technology. We can provide advice on conducting webinars, prepare you or your colleagues for webinars, create slides for webinar presentations and offer you constructive feedback after the webinar.