Social Media Support SIKO

Social Media Support SIKO

It is impossible to imagine everyday life − both at home and at work − without social media. As a result, it is necessary as a company to professionally tend to social media accounts. We look after the social media channels of SIKO GmbH while maintaining constant dialogue with the client. Our tasks include preparing an editorial plan that takes into account dates and deadlines fixed months in advance, but to which we also flexibly add relevant issues on an ongoing basis. We coordinate content with the relevant departments at SIKO and publish the posts, once they have been approved, in German and English on Facebook, Google+, Xing, Twitter and LinkedIn to make the internationally renowned company something tangible and immediate for its followers on social media. The posts do not focus solely on product presentations, impressions from trade fairs and technical information; they also provide a behind-the-scenes look at the company. This way, we establish immediate, direct and personal contact with followers, tailored to the respective channel.

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