Commmunication Campaign Treston Deutschland

Commmunication Campaign Treston Deutschland

Treston GmbH specialises in ergonomic workstation systems. In Germany, the company hoped to put greater emphasis on its advisory services relating to lean production. The challenge here was to cast lean production, which is not an entirely new idea anymore, in a new light. Instead of dealing with this issue from a theoretical perspective, we decided to highlight the practical aspects of lean production. We created a landing page where prospective customers can download case studies that showcase lean factories equipped by Treston. The first case study is free; for all other downloads, users must enter an email address. We also used the content of the case studies created for the lean production campaign for press releases, social media posts, banner advertising and native advertising. By focusing on a fundamental issue, we also manage all PR-relevant outlets and are able to weave a common thread across all channels. The marketing department at company headquarters in Finland is planning on scaling up the campaign we prepared for international use as well.

Treston Deutschland: Case Study Landing Page Lean Production
Treston Deutschland: Case Study Landing Page Lean Production / Lean Ergonomics

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Treston Deutschland: Landing Page Lean Production

Communication Campaign Treston Deutschland