B2C Communications Rheinzink

B2C Communications Rheinzink

Our focus is on B2B communications, but that does not mean we are unfamiliar with B2C. Communication strategies depend on the target group. The information in technical articles which is relevant to engineers and architects is different than the information that is important to homebuilders. In the communication activities for Rheinzink, a manufacturer of titanium zinc, the goal was to reach the end customers (e.g. builders and homeowners). Apart from the “hard facts”, the copy that we wrote highlights issues such as looks, energy efficiency and design innovation, thereby spurring the use of titanium zinc for building and renovating homes.

Rheinzink B2C-Kommunikation: "Ein Zwilling profiliert sich", Renovieren XXL
Rheinzink B2C communication in “Renovieren XXL”

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