Advertisements Isabellenhütte

Advertisements Isabellenhütte

In order to promote the ISA-BRAZE superalloy and the ISA-CON copper alloy manufactured as wires from Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG, we created two separate advertisements. In creating a concept for the advertisements, the objective was to present the alloys’ properties, including visually. For ISA-BRAZE, we decided to showcase the resistance of the drill heads coated with ISA-BRAZE by presenting a masonry drill in action and showing the coated drill head in an enlarged close-up. This was accompanied by the slogan “Resistance meets performance”.

For ISA-CON, we aimed to highlight the combination of properties, namely the conductivity of copper with the tensile strength of steel. For the visual motif, we chose a clear, impactful image consisting of a section of wire rope. The motif’s clear structure further highlighted the slogan “Conductivity meets tensile force”.


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