B2B PR Agency in Nuremberg, Germany: Wassenberg Public Relations

What matters in Public Relations

Short decision-making chains of command, direct personal contact.
Substance over hype: transparency, realistic estimates, swift responses, owner-run.


Our fields: market launch of new technologies, product communication for technology products and services, as well as positioning and image branding for companies and institutions.

Copy for your content marketing needs

Wassenberg provides content for your content strategy in the form of white papers, advertorials, tutorials and blog entries, among others. If you should find yourself at a loss and don’t know what to do, fear not: we are skilled at identifying relevant issues.

News from the Wassenberg-PR-Blog

Make the journalist WOW!

There are some things that don’t need words to work. Good interviews, however, aren’t one of them. After all, the purpose of any dialogue between interviewer and interviewee that is designed ...

Writing trade articles for German media

Every article is a new challenge – even this one here, as the interested reader will immediately compare the way the article is written to the advice it gives. But these high standards are necessary, ...

The time has come to clear up a few PR myths.

I still keep coming across articles describing public relations, or PR, as a solo project within the realm of communication that has little to do with communication measures considered ...