PR-Services: Content Marketing

Content marketing – high-quality content published strategically

Content marketing is on everyone’s lips. For experienced PR professionals focused on B2B, the approach behind content marketing is nothing new. Their job has always involved creating relevant, informative and entertaining content that provides guidance and which, due to the content’s craftsmanship, demonstrates expertise and entices the target group to contact the company behind it − or to at least remember the company’s name.

Establishing direct contact with the target group through content marketing

Nonetheless, the means of distribution establishes content marketing as a relatively new field, which is growing in popularity.

Companies are able to publish or present content directly to their strategically relevant target group. What is more, they can do so with less of a promotional and more of a journalistic tone, without having to hope for acceptance by journalists. As a result, companies can expand their options for establishing contact with their target groups in a way that is initially divorced from pushing sales. While traditional advertising focuses on sales, content marketing showcases information and emphasises relevance and value for readers. The question of what is relevant or not is decided by conventional media coverage and other gatekeepers such as Google.

Content marketing formats:

  • Advertorials
  • White papers
  • Tutorials
  • Dictionaries
  • E-books
  • Blogs etc.


Controlling the industry’s agenda

Wassenberg PR helps you identify relevant issues and inject renewed relevance into existing ones. We give your content marketing the boost it needs to control the industry’s agenda. To this end, we continuously scan your real-world and digital markets, industry and competitors to discover what is “hot” − and what is “not”. Based on these insights, we come up with ideas about relevant issues that we propose to you and then publish in various formats. This way, you occupy strategic market positions both online and offline, demonstrate your core strengths and skills, and are regarded as a key player by the competitors.