PR-Services: Kreation

Concept before design

It is not just conventional wisdom that the concept is the mother of design. In other words, no concept means no design. What may sound straightforward actually involves a complex, creative process which goes into developing a PR campaign, an image advertisement, a website or copy. As the client, you may not see all the effort at first glance, but it is there in the draft, the press release, the technical article or the online campaign currently in front of you for approval. The concept is the organic matter in all good communication products.

As with any consumer product, the quality of the individual parts and the way they work together determine how useful a deliverable is. For an image advertisement, those parts are the copy, image and composition. Ideally, they will form an absolutely seamless unit working in harmony. The task of achieving this aim is part of the creative process. When it comes to design, we draw on long-term partnerships with agencies that perfectly complement the work we do, just like the individual components of a high-quality consumer product.