White paper campaigns

White papers combine elements of the press release and paid-for communications. A great advantage of this medium is that it makes those with an interest in your products and services identifiable, and therefore allows for qualitative measurement that is unavailable with other media. This offers clear added value, in terms of both communication and sales.

We have carried out numerous successful white paper campaigns, both in Germany and internationally, and are happy both to provide texts and select appropriate online media channels.

Examples of services we have provided for clients in the past:

  • Development of white paper concepts

  • Advice regarding subject matter and content selection

  • Assessing the suitability of existing specialist articles for use as white papers

  • Developing trade articles into white papers

  • Independent creation of white papersConceptual collaboration with engineers and product managers

  • Creation of campaign images

  • Organisational work and acting as first point of contact with publishers

  • Selection of national and international media